About us

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in an authentic 17th century house, wandering through the old streets, surrounded by historical monuments of surreal beauty…? Would you like to spend some time in such an amazing environment?

Apartments More are located in the heart of the Dubrovnik Old Town, in two renovated stone buildings, just 15 meters from the Stradun, Dubrovnik’s vibrant main street (pedestrian area). With easy access to all local attractions, sites, restaurants, cafés and shops, Apartments More are an ideal base to explore the Old Town, as well as nearby islands and towns.

Our nine apartments are situated in two houses:

  • The house at Petilovrijenci 1 street consists of three Deluxe one bedroom apartments in an authentic recently renovated 1667 stone building; years;
  • The house at Palmotićeva 2 street, a city palace with unique well with carved crest in the lobby, consists of two Deluxe suites, two Deluxe double rooms, one Studio apartment and one Superior one bedroom apartment.

We must mention that due to the fact that the Old Town is on UNESCO World Heritage List, every construction work in the Old Town is a subject to strict control, rules and guidelines. The aim is to preserve the look of the Old Town’s buildings and streets, and its general appearance as much as possible, savouring its history and marvellous architecture. Therefore, there are no lifts in our buildings.


The history of Dubrovnik dates back to the 7th century, while the area was inhabited before that.

Dubrovnik Old Town, a historical centre of Dubrovnik, is a unique place to visit – with its city walls 1940 meters long with 6 fortresses, with Stradun – its main street and its side streets, buildings, monuments, famous Dubrovnik’s rooftops…which all bring to life the spirit of famous Republic of Ragusa (The Dubrovnik Republic). The Dubrovnik Republic was established in 1358, and lasted for almost 500 years. It was one of the strongest maritime trade forces of its time.

Maybe not everything in the Old Town is authentic due to the changes our time has brought to us, but the stone buildings, streets, churches, museums… they have all kept, with enormous human effort, their facades identical to those of past times. Of course, for example, the interior of churches has been preserved to the extent it could be preserved. Much of the Old Town was ruined in the big earthquake in 1667, but it rose again. It only shows the incredible will and strength of its citizens to save their city. That spirit lives on.

Dubrovnik Old Town was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. years.

It is beyond impossible to even try and capture a piece of its vast history and glory here, on our website. So we won’t try to. There are numerous articles about all the interesting facts that the Republic of Ragusa was famous for. We invite you to search through our history a bit, and to come to Dubrovnik, a truly magnificent place to visit.